Gambling Addiction: What You NEED To Know

Ever since I was a kid, I have known my father's addiction to card games. He is an overseas worker and when he returns home for vacation, he spends almost all his time and leave-pay to card games. Years passed, I have researched and learned that there is a good and bad addiction in gambling. At first I thought the term "good addiction" is ironic, but this is a term with a deeper meaning.

Everyone who constantly plays gambling games is prone to addiction. Often, one can not realize the addiction coming into him until he realizes that he can't stop playing even when he has lost a huge amount of money. This is what they called bad addiction. One effect of such is going into debt, which is hard to get out from. Another problem is that people with bad addiction won't even try to stop even if you tell them to. In other words, they lack satisfaction or contentment.

Good addiction can be observed when a player knows his limits and has a sense of direction in his goals as a player, be it an amateur or professional. He knows that the fundamental thing about gambling games is that it is synonymous to luck and high risk of money. In gambling, you win and you lose. When you lose big, it means game over and it's time to go home. For someone with good addiction, the main goal is to become better, and to achieve this, he tries to research, read articles, analyze strategies, offer full concentration and give full performance every game.

Did you know that your usual reasons for playing gambling games might be signs of bad addiction? Sociologists and other experts would say that the common reasons like to get out of boredom, to earn money and to socialize are actually bad addiction habits. When one plays in order not to get jaded doesn't really focus in playing; he just plays so that he could do something. A money matter is a really great concern because as mentioned, you may win or lose big. Socializing is good because in this way, you can go meet others. However, it is not good in gambling because it breaks concentration.

It is really hard to be someone, or something's slave. When you can't get out of something you went in, it affects you in every aspect of your life. That's why, the lesson learned here is that you can never have too much of a good, or a bad, thing. Learn to control and set our standards. Know what you really want to do.